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Dear Patients of Blincoe and Shutt,

We have missed you! We pray you have weathered the season well and been in good health. We grieve alongside those of you who have lost love ones in this trying season.

Our team is healthy, strong and ready to serve you in providing continued excellent care of all your dental needs. The office has a new look as we have chosen to completely remodel during this time to care for you in the very best way possible. We are implementing special Covid-19 infection protocols and developing further advanced methods to address the continued evolving variables. Please note that you will not only see physical changes in our practice, but we ask that you please allow extra time for your visit to adhere to the procedures we have in place to protect you and your loved ones, as well as our staff.

     1. Upon entering into our office you will have a forehead “temperature reading”. Any number below 100.4 is acceptable. If you experience a higher reading we will reschedule to best serve you.

     2. Please use hand sanitizer provided upon entry and exit of the office.

     3. Our treatment team will be in advance personal protective equipment (PPE, gowns, masks, shields and gloves).

     4. Lysol and other pungent smells may be more evident during your appointed time.

     5. We have implemented a healthy air purification system.

     6 We added enhanced high velocity suction units to reduce aerosols.

     7. We have implemented greater intensification of surface cleaning in all office areas both prior to your visit and directly upon your exit.

     8. For your safety we are limiting the number of patients seen each day so please be patient as we try to accommodate you and serve you well.

We realize that this “Corona” season is new to all of us and it is our great desire to continue to build our relationship with you through conversation and service. At this time we will initially be focused on your health and the task at hand in order to serve as many of our patients as possible, especially those who have had to postpone care due to our limited ability to treat dental needs. We look forward to a time of “no masks” for you—so you are able to show off that beautiful smile! It all starts with a smile! Looking forward to seeing you very soon!

Sincerely, Blincoe and Shutt team

Aesthetic Family Dentistry


Your smile isn’t just an important part of the way you look; it can also have an effect on the way you feel. A bright healthy smile can make you feel confident, and at Blincoe and Shutt, we know all about the ‘Art and Science of Building Smiles!’

Drs. Glenn R. Blincoe and David L. Shutt have built their practice on the foundation laid by Dr. William P. Blincoe who began the practice in St. Matthews the summer of 1952. With over sixty years of combined experience, Drs. Blincoe and Shutt can devise a plan to build you a beautiful smile! They are ably assisted in their work by an experienced staff of dental hygienists, assistants and office staff members.

Aesthetic Family Dentistry - Louisville, St MatthewsWe offer a number of services for your family. These include:


All of these services can help improve and maintain a bright, healthy smile!

Blincoe and Shutt Aesthetic Family Dentistry also offer these specialized services:


To begin the process of building your smile, give us a call at (502) 895-2210 or e-mail us at


We have clients throughout the Greater Louisville Area. We are conveniently located to:

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